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Catch poles Empty Catch poles

Post  travis73 on Tue Jun 14, 2011 2:36 pm

I"m new to the site and to trapping. Done a little bit last year for a little over a week. Was lucky enough to get several coons, a grey fox, and some opposums. Anyways, I always carry a ruger 22 pistol on me and dispatch the animal while its still in the trap. In your video's I seen you guys using the catch poles. Is this to keep from having bullet holes in the fur? Does it choke them out or do you dispatch them off camera? Would also like to hear what kind of pole you use. I willl have to do some reading up on the laws here in WV as far as keeping live animals, but your way looked pretty cool to me.
THanks for any help. I"ve got the trappin bug and hope to do a lot more this year.


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Catch poles Empty Re: Catch poles

Post  Lyndeew2 on Thu Jan 05, 2012 4:44 am

Absolute cheapest easiest catch pole I've ever made or used? Take what ever you have for a pole/stick/pipe. Hang a loop on the end big enough and of what ever size cord you need to rangle said critter to be rangled. Once the loop is over the critters head twist the pole to tighten the slack against the pole. I also teach this as a reach method for ice and water rescue to snag a persons wrist. If you can't quit picture in your head what I mean. Let me know and I'll take some pictures to post. That said I have a home made hog snare style catch stick I use.


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